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Vicolo1 was established in 2015 by a group of dynamic & passionate professional people, who happened to be friends and colleagues, from their previous experiences gathered through many years of travelling and working in the hospitality business. Our mission is to bring You a unique food experience with attentiveness to the world's trends, always being mindful of what people are looking for nowadays: hearty, modern, innovative & well priced offers !

Daily 9am till 3am

Delivery till 2am

For our clients, special requests, events or large delivery orders, We require a 48h notice.

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ABout Us
Our Al Taglio form of Pizza is served on every street corner in every Italian city, that throughout the years has fed curious tourists & foodies from all over the world. Growing in the heart of HCMC - Vietnam’s fastest growing marketplace, We serve everyone’s need for good quality & value. In 2017, We are ready to begin Free Franchising that will make Our Vicolo1 brand immediately available to any market. The combination of standardized kitchen operations & the extremely well structured supply chain will ensure the promptness of all store services, while Vicolo1’s global marketing campaign will support each franchisee with one of the market’s most advanced and socially active marcom teams. For these reasons We've decided to bring to all of You... Our kind of food - Specialities only

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Vicolo1’s combination of centuries old traditions and a passion for innovation are the soul of this unique culinary display of everyday life. Our savory and sweet baked goods are made fresh daily & are available in limited quantities. For our clients, special requests, events or large delivery orders, We require a 48h notice.
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The Pay it forward program aims to give back to the community, as it helps to increase the appeal of the brand while becoming part of a global movement formed by many enthusiastic companies such as PopUp1 - dynamic brand developers.
We all dream of doing something one day...at Vicolo1 We do it with "Pay it forward". Everyone comes to enjoy Our kind of food #SpecialitiesOnly and gets the chance to help someone in need. 20K donations will feed men, women & children that visit Our Pizzerias on a daily basis.

Since day ONE



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Our savory and sweet baked goods are made fresh daily & are available in limited quantities

Facebook review

- Wow! What a great place! Terawat, you are doing amazing work! Keep it up! Written by: Mason Wartman, owner of Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia USA, the store where the Pay it forward program began in a magic moment a few years ago.
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Google+ review

- Some seriously delicious pizza at a reasonable price. My girlfriend and I loved our slices, and the service is excellent. Would love to come back. Written by: Aidan Brosen, Google+ member that visited in 2017.
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TripAdvisor review

- I've been eating in many places all over the world and this small pizza shop is awesome . Pizza is crispy and delicious , fresh ingredients and warm staff . The owner is supporting people who has financial problem giving them free meals , they deserve to be successful ! Buon appetito ! Written by: Chicco DellaGiovanna, a world traveller that has visited Us many times over the years.
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Articles corner

The Change has Begun

The First Pay it forward ticket has been redeemed at 5:30pm on Friday, the 27th of November 2015 ! We were touched by the look on the smiling face of Our new friend, who ran to bring another friend right away ! In the following days, We will begin placing the many tickets that were […]


Our Kind of Coffee

Coffee in the morning is a distinct ritual around the world and especially in the Western hemisphere. It is no secret that coffee is one of the world’s most widely consumed and beloved drinks, some enjoy it to refresh themselves and others simply for the sheer pleasure and taste of it. What we often do not […]


Traditions vs Fusion

  We all know about the importance of traditions and that makes Us want to celebrate them in a skillful and respectful manner. But what about fusion … can it undermine cultural values? The answer is easy, it is all a state of mind or a point of view. At Vicolo1, We believe that no stone […]


Hello HCMC !

Welcome to Vicolo1 Our kind of food.. Our team can’t wait to meet you all !  


Al Taglio

What is “Al Taglio” ? is it pizza ? is it bread ? maybe focaccia ? Pizza Al Taglio is a variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays, and generally sold in rectangular or square slices. This type of pizza was invented in Rome, Italy, and is common throughout Italy In the most traditional Italian pizza al […]